George L. Day Memorial Foundation



Wayne Township Fire Department-Community Relations ~ This department is very busy with fire education, safety, etc. When you are at an event and the kids get free coloring books, pencils, fire hats, etc. this is the department that provides those items. We discovered last year they were in need of a new “Sparky” suit.  We are thrilled that the new "George Day" Sparky made an appearance at the 4th annual Fireman's Charity Ball.

Project Lifesaver – a program to enhance success in locating missing persons with Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Autism and Down Syndrome who are at risk of wandering. See more at (our donation stays local)  

wayne township fire department - community relations

Scholarship Dreams – this provides college scholarships to current and former patients of the Murat Shrine Hospitals for Children. We would like to grant at least one $1,000 scholarship per year.